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Lift Chairs

Twilight Series

Twilight Technology provides a tilting motion that cradles your body allows you to achieve Zero-Gravity for circulatory support.

Example - PR514*

  • Product Size Medium/Large

  • Weight Capacity 375 lbs.

  • Overall Width 39.5"

  • Overall Height 46.5"

  • Width Between Arms 20"

  • Distance Required From Wall Reclined 24"

Available in PR405 - PR514 - PR761

Maxi Comfort Series

The MaxiComfort Series has Two Motors that work independently of each other. This line is vast in options, both in positions for support/comfort and design for your own touch of customization. Some Models have additional pillows and specializations.

Possible Variations Include -

  • Additional Motors - such as Power Pillow or Twilight

  • Sizing - Limited Junior Petite Available, Small-Large, Wide Options

  • Fabric Options Vary - Premium Options Available

EZ Sleeper

Modern Design MultiPosition Chair with many fabric options. It has long track arms and a tailored seam back.


PR761 (w/Twilight)


Features an overstuffed back, and supportive bucket seat. There are generously filled extra wide armrests. The cloud also has great sizing and fabric options.

PR510 (SM/M - M/LG)

PR514 (w/Twilight)

PR512 (Power Cloud)


A Classic recliner with added features and luxury.  Refreshed features include a new arm style with additional padding for more comfort and a new back style for maximum comfort. Comes in 5 sizes!


(Sizes Petite/Small, Medium, Large, Tall, and Medium Extra Wide)


This line is offering a four pillow waterfall back and a deep seat for lateral support. There are two sizes and the pillows can be customized for any specific needs.


Pub Chair

The Pub chair is a traditional-style two pillow waterfall back recliner featuring decorative brass nail head trim on both the arms and wings.


Day Dreamer

This Chair features an Exclusive Power Pillow for Ultimate Head Positioning. This chair has added customization and position control.


Comforter Series

The Comforter Series from Golden Technologies has just your size — actually five sizes. Featuring a plush seamed backrest with lumbar support, a soft, comfortable seat and a “grip rite” arm design.


Example - PR501M*

  • Size Medium (Available in 5 sizes)

  • Weight Capacity 375lbs.

  • Overall Width 32.5"

  • Overall Height 42"

  • Width Between Arms 21"

  • Distance Required From Wall Reclined 17"

  • Sizes Junior Petite, Small, Medium, Large, and Tall

Available in PR501(JP,S,M,L,T)

Comforter Wide Series

The Expanded classic Comforter Series recliner chairs with wider seating areas and greater lifting capacities—375, 500, and 700 lbs. Most of the five lift recliners in this series use two heavy-duty motors for strength and support, with a three-position style recline mechanism.

Example - PR501L*

  • Size Large Wide (Available in 5 Sizes)

  • Weight Capacity 500 lbs. (Capacity Varies based on Size)

  • Overall Width 38.5"

  • Overall Height 44"

  • Width Between Arms 27.5"

  • Distance Required From Wall Reclined 18"

  • Sizes Small Wide, Medium Wide,Large Wide, Tall Wide, Super Wide

Available in PR501S-23, PR501M-26D,PR501L-26D, PR501-28D, PR502

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