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Lift Chair Recliners

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At Plaza Home Care we pride ourselves in the quality of chairs we offer to best fit the specific need of our customers.

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Comfort Features that don't compare...

Plaza Home Care is known for the variety in the sizing, fabrics, features, and brands we carry. We are a Flagship Dealership for Golden Technologies. We take Pride in the options we can offer to ensure you or your loved ones are happy and comfortable with their product and experience. 


Customize your favorite positions

The technologies and motors that we provide can allow for endless possibilities of comfort. We also offer certified repair/access to parts. We have the staff to care for you throughout the ownership of the chair. 


Amenities with intention

Our chairs range from the medical lift single motor chair all the way to chairs fully loaded with accessories to give you all the options you need to choose from to choose the perfect chair. 

How can we fit your wants and needs?