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The Zero Turn 8 4-Wheel offers Pride’s tightest maneuverability for a four-wheel mobility scooter. With iTurn Technology™, Pride’s exclusive zero-turn system, you can turn on a dime with a 37.25-inch radius.

Scoot into the supermarket with confidence that no aisle or produce display will throw you off course. The Pride Zero Turn 8 mobility scooter gives you nimble navigation for weaving through all of it.

Much like some riding lawn mowers, the independent rear wheels turn in opposite directions, allowing you to make breathtakingly tight turns in a snap. Live in an apartment? You'll love it because you can turn in the elevator and get around inside your home.

Pride Zero Turn 8 Power Scooter

  • Lifetime limited on frame;
    2-year limited on Electronics;
    2-Year limited on Drivetrain


    Zero Turn 8 4-Wheel (Jazzy® Zero Turn)

    Weight Capacity

    325 lbs.

    Front Tire

    2"x7" solid

    Rear Tires

    2.5"x9" solid

    Maximum Speed1

    Up to 5.9 mph

    Ground Clearance3

    1.3" at motor, 1.5" at anti-tip, 3.5" at side deck

    Turning Radius3


    Length / Width3

    45.75" / 20.75"


    Type: Foldable, compact
    Weight: 27 lbs.
    Material: Black Vinyl
    Dimensions: Width: 17", Depth 17", Height 14"

    Seat-to-Ground Height Range




    Weight (w/o Batteries)3

    120 lbs.

    Battery Weight

    32 lbs. (Battery box)

    Battery Requirements4,5

    (2) 12V deep-cycle, Size: 22 AH

    Per Charge Range1,2

    Up to 13.1 miles (200 lbs.); up to 11 miles (325 lbs.)

    Battery Charger

    Off-board, 3.5 amp


    CTS (Comfort-Trac front and rear suspension)

    Weight of Heaviest Piece3,6

    48 lbs. (rear section)

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