Where To Begin : DME (Durable Medical Equipment)

Where To Begin

by Connie Taylor on 08/16/16

So why did I feel the need to start a blog about medical equipment and supplies?  I was just amazed how little information was out there.  The average consumer knows about prescription insurance, hospital coverage or which doctor they can go to.  However, if you ask them what is the difference between Medicaid, Medicare and Medicare Advantage, Competitive Bidding or how to get medical equipment, most will give you a blank stare.  Why? Simply put, no one has taken the time to explained it to them.

So you might be wondering what qualifies me to discuss home medical equipment and supplies. Well, in 2005 I started working at what was then a pharmacy with a medical equipment and supply department.  I had to read insurance policy manuals, speak to insurance reps daily(a level of hell unto itself), go to seminars, go through certification (twice) and stay up to date on any changes  happening with the insurance carriers we work with.  Please note that we may know a lot about the rules and regulations, but we still don't everything!

The goal of this blog is to inform patients, caregivers and families. We want to give you information about medical equipment, insurance and give you some helpful hints that may prove useful.

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